Pesach is coming…

And the girls at Bayis Lepleitos are yearning to spend their Yom Tov together.

Surrounded by food, comfort, and warmth, they'll be able to heal their scars and remove the shackles of hunger, abuse, and neglect

Pesach at Bayis Lepleitos costs:


Send a

Pesach care package

to a girl in need


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A loving home. Plentiful food. Someone who cares.

For girls who were orphaned early on in life or suffered abuse, hunger, shame, and excruciating poverty, these basics seem like the stuff of fairytales. Bayit Lepleitot offers them a loving home where their scars can heal and where they can look to the future with confidence and hope.

And it is people like you who help
make this happen!

With our sponsorship program, you can “adopt a child” to help provide for all her needs. You can  keep in touch with her, send her a birthday card and show her that there is someone out there who cares for her.  you will be happy to know that your assistance is helping one more child receive a new lease on life.